Thursday, 17 August 2017

New Music: Pale Waves - Television Romance

If you were to eat a piece of cake and the first slice tasted delicious you’d probably be tempted to have another. But would that second slice be more enjoyable, less enjoyable or about the same? And if you enjoyed it just as much, would you eat another slice and then keep going, slice after slice until you had eaten the whole cake? 

It’s a bit like that with the new Pale Waves song Television Romance for me. I really liked their previous tune There’s A Honey; it was an extremely hooky piece of indie pop. But.....Television Romance sounds an awful lot like that, particularly the chorus where you can virtually sing the chorus of There's A Honey over the top of the song and it doesn't sound wrong. So in theory I should like this just as much. But it's a dilemma. Because is that second slice really as good as the first? If I'd eaten the second slice without tasting the first it would have definitely been superb.

What I'm trying to say (badly) is that our tastes and perceptions of music are affected by what has gone before. It's not quite as simple as just listening to every song in isolation.

Let's continue this idea forward. What if the band released a whole album of songs that sounded very similar? Would I like that? Probably not. For me it's why a band like Oasis became ever less exciting with every album and why David Bowie always kept my attention.

If music is the food of love, give me excess of it, but make sure that it continues to interest me, challenge me and take me to new and exciting places, otherwise eventually the appetite will die.

So that’s a thumbs up for Television Romance,it is ultimately a good song (and yes, like the previous tune it sounds a lot like The 1975 version 2.0 / rebranded), but there’s going to have to be more variety in the future to keep me engrossed. 

Pale Waves - Television Romance

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New Music: Dream Wife - Fire

I’ve always been a fan of groups of musicians who look the part. Bands not bland please. Some groups forget this. When you record a song you’re a musician, but once you go on stage you’re a performer. All the great bands have great songs, sure, but live they have identity and personality as well. 

Dream Wife seem to understand that. Their shows are fierce; lead singer Rakel prowls the stage with a look that seems to vary from contemptuous menace to knowing cool whilst Bella and Alice pummel their instruments with a real intensity and enthusiasm. They look like a unit, ready for war. I certainly wouldn't want to pick a fight with them, OK I wouldn't pick a fight with anyone, I'm a lover not a fighter, but you understand what I mean I'm sure.

For those who have been to a Dream Wife gig, new release Fire will already be familiar. It’s all about that surge, that rush, that emotion, that moment of connection, about dancing, screaming and holding each other tight. Of course, fires don’t last forever but let's enjoy the heat whilst it lasts. Three and a half minutes of edgy indie-art-pop that burns with a spike.

Dream Wife will be back out on the road this October. Dates can be found by clicking here. Fire will form the lead track of a new EP released on 29th September which will include three remixes of the song as well as previously released track Somebody.

Dream Wife - Fire

Sunday, 13 August 2017

New Music: Introducing - Morgan Saint

With a pristine and skeletal electronic production, a simple yet visually compelling video and a soothing vocal delivery New York singer Morgan Saint introduces herself to the world via her tender debut single You. It’s a pop song, but one of those pop songs for people who say they don’t really like pop music. Yes, it’s a little bit cool, with that coolness created through a minimalist backing that sounds effortless. That’s not to say that You was knocked out in five minutes, with no effort whatsoever, because Morgan needed to nip out of the studio for a pizza and a couple of beers; but sometimes making something sound so easy is actually hard work.

 “I could be looking for you, in all the wrong places,” Morgan sings and as she does so the song reminds me a little of early Jessie Ware or Kacy Hill. Not bad acts to be compared to. 

You is taken from Morgan’s debut EP 17 Hero which will see the light of day soon.

Morgain Saint - You

Saturday, 12 August 2017

New Music: Mausi - Famous

Pop music is an odd beast sometimes. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of. 

That seems to be the case with Mausi. Back in 2014 the group seemed to be on the cusp of something. Their hedonistic pop banger My Friend Has A Swimming Pool was getting quite a few people (including me) deliriously tipsy and as the track moved from online buzz to picking up some radio play it seemed almost inevitable that the house of Mausi was going to need a big extension. Or at least a loft conversion.

But that wasn’t the case. What happened? I have no idea. But everything just seemed to stop. The Mausi Facebook gives some clues: “We got carried away with the promise and excitement of the music industry. We were young. Now we’re free to do what we want. Release music the way we always wanted to. No compromises.”

So here we go with chapter 2. 3 years on and Mausi return with Famous. Don’t worry Mausi fans, they didn’t go away and rediscover themselves as new age hippie types playing soothing acoustic folk music. No. Famous makes it seem like those last 3 years (Trump, Bowie’s death, Brexit, Prince’s death, the Brangelina break up) never happened. Famous is another banger, that heads to the clublands with a full on hands in the air joy. “One day we will all be famous,” is the hook line, which when you think about it, isn’t really possible is it? But who cares? Pop music has never been just about reality. This lie will make you feel good.

Mausi - Famous